Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sox for Yankees can’t get better than this

Mr. Scott sent me a big box of Sox and all he wanted in retrun was some Yahkee cards. (Goodbye Thorzul) You can’t make a trade any better than that. The box he sent contained about 150 Red Sox that I needed. I saw his blog mentioned on The Trolls site and decided to contact him. I sure am glad I did. Not only did he send me about 150 cards they were all on my want list. That means no doubles. (My Red Sox doubles box is already overflowing. If you are a Red Sox collector and we haven’t traded yet please contact me I may have some cards you need.)

Now that I am done begging for trades we can get back to the post.

2009 Unique Jon Lester – All I heard were complaints about these but I really like them. The scan doesn’t do the card justice. The black edge with the black glossy names looks really unique good.

2009 Xponrntial Kevin Youkilis - By now you should know I like Xponential and I like Kevin Youkilis. Together it makes this one great card.

2008 Documentary Jon Lester - Mr. Scott sent about 30 of these but this one is my favorite even though Lester didn’t pitch in the game. Why is this one my favorite, because I was at this game? Wakefield started, Masterson came in relief and Papelbon pitched an inning because he hadn’t been used in a few games. For the last few years I had been saying I wanted to see Wakefield pitch but until this game I never got a chance to. That is kind of odd since I try to go to at least one series every year. In 07 I went to two entire series and didn’t’ see him pitch a game. This year I’m planning to go to either Texas or Seattle to watch them. Not only did I get to see Wakefield pitch but we won and Ellsbury made an awesome running diving rolling shoestring catch.

I do have a bitter memory from this game also. My son had a baseball we had got from a different game he was holding to get signed. Even though I warned him over and over again to hold onto it he dropped it onto the field.

You can see the ball on the warning track in the picture. Little sister is giving him a hug to make him feel better. It didn’t work because when a ball boy came by and pitched it up to someone else in the stands he cried.

Thank you for the cards Mr. Scott. I have some Yankees rounded up for you but I only have about 80 of them. I’m going to try to remedy that then get them in the mail for you.


Mr. Scott said...

Happy You enjoyed the cards...

Gordon said...

I saw Tim Wakefield pitch at Detroit in 2004, he gave up six home runs and still won the game! Only 5 other pitchers have ever given up 6 dingers in a single game.