Saturday, January 30, 2010

On card auto cards

I learned something new in a package I received from On Card Autos in return fo some Cubs I sent him.  I learned that over 250 cards can fit into one of those small USPS flatrate boxes because he sent me over 250 Red Sox.  (I then found out that eventhough they say flat rate for international shipping  it is a different rate alltogether)  I'm only posting a couple because 250 scans would take me a year and Thorzul wuld have to be commited before I was done.

First up is my new fetish, Upper deck Documentary.  I know the set makes no sense because the guy in the picture usually had nothing to do with the game being focued on but how can I not like a set that has 162 Red Sox in it.  Eventually I think boxes of this will become real cheap and I'll buy a couple.  Not just for pulling  a few Red Sox.  I think it would make some great cards for team trading.  I doubt many team collectors can say they have thier whole team already.
I just saw somewhere that Trott is still laboring in the minors.  That is to bad because he was a really good team player.  He gave 100 every day and just plain played baseball the way it should be played.

Lastly I am showing off this Greenwell.  You might not recognize it because I scanned the back.  It is a 94 Sportflic and I scanned the back because the fronts scan horribly.  I had to post it though becasuse I love Sportflics.

Thanks for all the great cards Chris.  I hope you liked the ones I sent you as much as I like these.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA - you're falling into the UD Documentary trap, too! Well, there are bodies lining both sides of THAT road, my friend. Don't forget: there are 162 ROAD games featuring the Sox, too!

Field of Cards said...

The only thing that makes me dislike the Documentary set is there usually is no name of the player pictured.

I recognize most players but sometimes the different angles make it tough.

Gordon said...

I am almost halfway through the UD Documentary Red Sox, I have 78 of the 162.

That's a nice card of Trot Nixon. I always thought he would have a break out season and hit .320 with 30 dingers, but it never happened. I was at a couple Sox/Indians games in Cleveland after he got traded there, and was saddened to see him booed so badly by the Cleveland fans.