Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mini Cards To Trade

I have some really big news.  Well big news for me anyway.  There is now a ballcard store in my town.  (sort of)  Not only is there a store but I know the guy that is running it.  I don't know if anyone remembers a post I wrote long ago about playing Home Run or High Card at a ballcard store years ago but the guy that opeaned the shop is one of the guys that I used to play.  In 97 I took a break from collecting but he never did he has collected right on through.  I ran into him a few months ago and he tol me he was considering it and he finly decided to pull the trigger on it.  I picked up a stack of minis from him this weekend and after pulling the Red Sox ou of it this I what I have left over. 

Guzman is a Polar Bear back.  All the rest are Piedmont

All are for trade.  Hopefully I can get some mini Red Sox for them.  Or at least some Red Sox I don't have yet.


Roy-Z said...

I have a Goodwin Champions Okajima mini, as well as an '08 Goudey mini of Bobby Doerr, if interested let me know!

AdamE said...

Roy-Z I can't get the link to your e-mail to work. Please send me an e-mail I would be glad to trade for them.