Friday, January 15, 2010

Cards from Nachos Grande

Nachos Grande graciously sent me the following cards for no other reason than because I said I wanted them.

2008 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Justin Masterson

Topps really struck out on the price for these cards but the cards themselves are great.  I love the fact that half of them are horizontal too.  The only bad thing I see here is that Masterson no longer plays for the Sox.  Don't take me wrong I'm glad we have Victor behind the plate now but I really wish we hadn't had to give up Justin to get him.  He was my favorite Sox pitcher.  (I said favorite not best)  Good luck in Cleveland Justin.

2008 Stadium Club Kevin Youkilis
You can't ever go wrong sending me a Youkilis card.  (Other than 08 Topps or Heroes, both of which I have a few copies)  Looks like Youk went yard here.  I'm looking for more of the same this year.  Hopefully Ortiz wakes up and can hit 5th behind him and offer him enough protection.  If so i see a big year for my favorite player.

These were two more cards off of my 08 Stadium Club want list.  Only the ones below to go. (I don't remember what that is called but I did it on purpose, aliteration maybe?)  If you have any of these please send them my way. 
2008 Stadium Club
21 Jacob Ellsbury
45 Josh Beckett
63 Kevin Youkilis
84 Daisuke Matsuzaka
99 Ted Williams
105 Chris Carter
138 Justin Masterson

2008 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue
11 David Ortiz
19 Jason Bay
55 Dustin Pedroia
99 Ted Williams
119 Jed Lowrie
145 Clay Buchholtz

And a big thank you ro FanofReds some day real soon you will be seeing a package from me.

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FanOfReds said...

Glad you got 'em! Enjoy!