Monday, January 11, 2010

ATTN Set Builders

I just got 4 mnster boxes of 2006 - 2009 stuff.  There is all kinds of stuff in here.  I don't want to post a bunch of have lists so instead I will give set builder a chance to say what they want.  After that I am going to break it up in teams and trade it off.  This is a small sampling of what I have to trade.

Topps 05, 06, 07, 08, 09
Topps Cosigners
Topps Crome 07
Bowman 05, 06, 07, 08, 09
Bowman Chrome 06, 07, 09
08 Donruss Threads (I have almost 3 complete sets so if you thought about completeing te set...)
08 Donruss Elite (same as above)
07 Bowmans Best
Upper Deck Ovation (the embossed set)
07 Upper Deck
07 Upper Deck First Edition
07 Upper Deck fan Fvorites
09 A&G
09 T206 (hardly any minis)
09 Goodwin (hardly any minis)
05 Bazooka
08 Timeline
08 Heritage (small amount mostly high #s)
07 Heritage (small amount)

Lots more stuff also.  I only have it partly sorted so I may do a Attn Set Builders 2 post to lists some more sets.  I know there are some All Time Fan Favoites and some kind of Upper Deck Throwback set ((Pennanets maybe??)  So if you are looking for something 06-09 please let me know.


Anthony K. said...

I could use some 08 Topps.

Here is the website to see the list of what I need:


dominicfdny said...

i would love to have just the red sox cards from the bazooka , chrome (topps and bowman) and the regular topps boxes thanks very much

madding said...

If there's any Heritage that I'm missing, I'd definitely be interested.

AdamE said...

dominicfdny - please send me an e-mail. Since you don't have your e-mail embedded into your blogger user ID it won't let me e-mail you back.

madding - I'l check but I dobt it.

Antony K - 08 Topps is the first ones I will sort. I'll be e-mailing you tonight.

dominicfdny said...

my e mail is thanks much

Sooz said...

How does someone get so lucky ;-)?

ilovebaseballcards said...

I could use some 06, 07 and 08 Topps.

My want list is

McCann Can Triple said...

The ilovebaseball cards was me. I dunno why it signed me into that account.

Dan said...

I need some 2005 Bowman and 2009 A&G. Here's the link to my wantlist for A&G.

E-mail me(so I can have your e-mail address) and I'll send you the wantlist for 2005 Bowman. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, I could use several of those, but I'll wait until you start working team trades.