Thursday, January 14, 2010


If anyone has read many of my posts they would have seen many complaints that there is no card shop within 100 miles. Finally one is in my hometown.

The other day I was in our local used book store (another hobby) and saw a sign in the window for Joe's Card Shack.  It had a location hours and a phone number.  I though awesome.  But wait, recognize that phone number.  Sure enough it was someone I had known for years.

Joey spent almost as much time in the card shop; we used to have in town back in the 90s, as I did.  At the time I was a Dan Marino supercollector and he was a Jamal Mashburn supercollector.  His Mashburn collection made my 1000 card deep Marino collection look like chump change.  I always gave him a hard time that the only reason he had more cards in his collection than me was because Mashburns were given away free and he was the only sucker in the whole country that would take them.  But at the same time I sure wished could have had as many Marinos as he had Jamals. 

I had run into him about six months ago and he told me he was thinking about opening a shop.  I said cool if you do you will defianatly have one customer but never really expected him to actually do it.  But now here he was with an actual card shop.  So I bought a couple Goodwin and T206 minis, (this post) looked at all his stuff, and went on my way.

He had one card in his case though that I couldn't get out of my head.  I had to have it.  I went back two days later with no cash but I brought a box of cards with me.  I had two less Payton Manning Rookies when I left but I went home with this.

2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Preacher Roe

Now I know this isn't a Red Sox and it wasn't on my want list but there were two reason for that.  Number one can be found here and number two, well I didn't know it existed. 

You can't see it in the scan but it is actually serieal numbered 001/150.  I just think it is an awesome card of my hometown hero. 

I have wentback to visit him twice since.  Once to just BS and once to pick up some cards for Night Owl.  Yes Greg you can thank Joey for those special cards I sent you.


Collective Troll said...

DUDE! First off, ya got a GREAT deal in that trade! Second, F-ing awesome you finally have a card shop in town and even better its a friend, third that Roe card is AMAZING! I didn't know they had legends cards in that set and fourth that story of you meeting Preacher was awesome and lastly those old signature gloves are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! Having them signed in person makes them even better... Those are some treasures right there. I missed that post originally, thanks for re-linking it. I'm not a Dodgers fan either, but my jaw dropped at both of your posts...Preacher is a legend in my book. Oh, I think that the used books and baseball cards go hand in hand, they do for me at least...

cynicalbuddha said...

That's awesome. And congrats on getting a card store in town. Mine is about 1000 miles away, seriously. But it kinda sounds like you're unimpressed with it. I love the Preacher Roe stories though.

AdamE said...

Cynicalbudda - Holy crap!! 1000 miles to a card shop. Where are you Alaska? After I clicked on your page I see that you realy are in Alaska. My bad.

Troll - I'm happy I finally got one. Going to have a post with a cool story about my visit there yesterday. this story actually happened last week Right now he only keeps a few boxes and a glass display. I wish he had some supplies because I really need about 15 or 20 of the 15 card pages. He doesn't really want to order a box either becasue I may be the only one that wants them. I can't blame him there. Heck the guy at the card shop in Springfield, MO told me the same thing.

Sadly I will never get that 3rd glove glove signed because Preacher passed away last year. I wrote a post when it happened that you can find by searching for Preacher

That wasn't the only time I met him because we actually went to the same church. He told some good stories. Once he told me a story about pitching to Mantle in the World Series. He said he had just "loaded" up the ball and the ump yelled up to him and said, "Preacher did you spit on that ball". Preacher replied "no". The ump than asked for the ball, so Preacher rolled it to him. In the World Freaking Series, can you beleive that?

night owl said...

Great card!

A card shop in which you're actually pals with the owner sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

That is one SWEET card, and #1, too!

I love our local card shop. The owner takes good care of me, and I can also just go there to chat and inhale the card smell (plus take home a few sticks of gum). Congrats to you.