Friday, January 22, 2010

Not just cards from the shop, FREE cards from the shop!!

Just like the title said I went to the card shop today and left with Red Sox cards and didn't spend a dime. 

See we have this deal worked out.  Any Red Sox he gets I get first pick of. 

Not only that but if someone opens packs, takes the inserts and leaves the rest, the Red Sox are mine free of charge.

That is how I got these.  They are beautiful but there is no way I'm droping over $200 for a box of them.  I'll stick with handouts.

The Yaz is numbered to 99 and is ugly compared to the base cards.  The base cards are the best looking cards I have seen in almost 15 years.  These look alot like 96 Select Certified which I loved.  I'm hoping somemor box breakers come in this week...


Offy said...

I'm definitely going to have to pick up some Tribute singles on Sportlots or CheckOutMyCards. I keep hearing great things about them, but will never be breaking any of it myself.

Play at the Plate said...

That Yaz might not be pretty but I'd take it in a heartbeat. Nice freebies.

Joe S. said...

People who rip packs just for the hits (and leave the base behind) kill me. What a waste! That's fine if you only want the "nice" stuff, but why not just buy singles? Way cheaper in the end, even for the big money guys.

Best day ever was when someone ripped through 5 packs of Sweet Spot in my shop, didn't look twice at anything he pulled... I bought just one pack - got a case hit!

night owl said...

Your card shop guy needs to trade places with my card shop guy.