Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebrating A New Year With The Best of Last Year

No resolutions this year, only promising myself more cards.  New Years is a time to look back at the previous year.  Since I'm a positive kind of guy December 31st was a day to look at my 2009 binder and pull out the best cards of the year to share with everyone.  I was going for the five best but ended up with the six best.  Now these are my favorites of the 09 cards that I own.  If you don't agree with my choices and have a better card, than I challenge you to send it to me and prove me wrong.

Number 6 - Kevin Youkilis O-Pee-Chee: Why? Because I imagine he is signing for some kid at spring training and I know how much my kids like it when they get an autograph at a game. (now if they could only get Youkilis' auto)

Number 5 - Dustin Pedrioa: O-Pee-Chee: O-Pee-Chee strikes again.  Lots of people don't like this set but there are a ton of great photos in it.  (along with some really bad, but I am positve, remember)  What better picture could Upper Deck have used than a Red Sox walk off.

Number 4 - Jason Varitek Goudey:  I bet Goudey doesn't make anyone else's best of list this year.  For the most part they sucked.  But the Varitek card looks good.  It is drawn well and and shown an old school player on an old school like card.

Number 3 - Dustin Pedoia Topps:  I love horizontal cards.  I don't know why, but I do. When I was making Goose Joak cards this summer they would have all been horizontal if I hadn't forced myself to turn some the other way.

Honerable Mention - Kevin Youkilis Bowman Gold:  While I am on the subject of horizontal cards, I like this imge way better than the vertical one in base Topps.  (not going to get into how lazy it was to use the exact same image in both Topps and Bowman)  This would have made the top five if it didn't have the signature box on it.  That  totally screws up the picture.

Number 2 - Dustin Perdroia Topps: Not only did Pedroia have the best tv commecial for a baseball player this year he also cracked my top 6 with three cards.  (now honestly wouldn't this card have been better if it was horizontal? It would have been number one)

Number 1 - Jon Lester Topps:  Topps set this card up perfect.  You can see the intense concentration of Lester while seeing the ball and batter.  Zoom it in tighter or farther back and it doesn't look near as good.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year. 

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I Am The Average Joe said...

not a fan of the o-pee's but thats a sweet Pedroia card. Nice picture