Saturday, January 23, 2010

Contest Winnings from Cards on Cards

Kerry over at Cards on Cards held a college bowl game conteset.  All you had to do was pick the most games correctly (Yahoo format) and you won.  He gave away some junk wax and also a bunch of other cards.  I got lucky and picked the most games correct and had teh highest score.  (Lots of luck here.  This is the first year I watched any college games that were not Penn State.  I actually watched 1-2 games every week this year.  Any other year I would have done horrible)

I got O-Pee-Chee Premere, 91 Ultra Update, 89 Donruss.  I only opened the O-Pee-Chee because I have all the 89 Donruss already and am real close to the Ultra.  I'm going to save the packs for bribes.  Yes I said bribes.  My 4 year old doesn't know the difference between junk wax and new cards. 

Nineteen years ago this would have been a great pack.  Here is what I got:

McGriff - Fringe HOFer.  I don't think he will make it but some will plead a good case.  The veterans may let him in eventually

Fernandez - The dud of the pack

Alamor - Future HOFer.  Some say he got robbed but one way or another he goes in eventually

Brett - HOFer.  Already enshrined, enough said.

Canseco - Like I said good 19 years ago.  Now, not so much.

Gibson - World Series hero.  Pictured in a Royals with would really mess with my head if it wasn't blue like the jersey he is supposed to be wearing. 

Murray - HOFer.  Another guy in the wrog uniform.  Sorry Night Owl but he is an Oriole in my head.

Somewhere in here the contest cards end and  trade starts.  Not sure where the line is so gonna call them all trade cards.

08 Timeline Stamped Gold Thingy - I don't know what this is.  I don't have any other Timelines with this Foil stamp.  Heck I even have this card without the stamp.  Anyone know what gives??

09 Icons Wade Boggs Relic- The chicken eater himself.  Some think he is to smart for baseball but I don't care.  This is my first relic card of Boggs.

09 UD Starquest Blue Pedrioa -  I like 09s numbering system so much better than 08.  I can't figure out what color all of my 08s are but this one verifies on the back that it is blue.  It could be partially because I am colorblind but I think that 08 is just confusing because I can't even make heads or tails from the checklist on UDs site.

08 UDX Papelbon Relic - I think this may also be my first Papelbon relic.  I haven't drug out all of my relics to make sure but off the top of my head I don't remember having one.

91 All World Boxing Salvador Sanchez - Yea, I don't know him either bt it is a boxing card I didn't have so it is a good one.  Also I think I just set a blogging record by writing 4 posts within a month featuring a boxing card.  Someone send me more boxing cards, I don't alrady have, so I can expand my record.

I know these are junk wax cards but they are awesome.  That Greenwell Green Monster card is one of my all time favorites.  The Clemens looks good to but just not as cool as Greenwell.

Lastly, Kerry foud some Marino cards I didn't have, sort of.  He sent stickers that I didn't have.  This is the first addition to my Marino collection in 11 years.  I have had lots of people say they were going to send me some new ones but they never have followed through.  I was pretty shocked that he found any Marino I didn't have prior to 97 that wasn't a high dollar card.

Thanks a ton man.  It made watching the bowl games at least a little meaningful.


the sewingmachineguy said...

there is something about Gibby in a Royals uni that irks me.

Offy said...

That Ortiz is one of the Timeline parallels. They weren't one per pack. I think only the low numbered part of the set with the veterans has parallels.

night owl said...

Hey, I think of Murray as an Oriole, too. (I try to forget the Dodgers' early '90s years).

madding said...

At some point when I was younger, I'm not sure why, but I ended up with an entire box of 1987 Topps Football stickers. I keep finding them in boxes all over the place now.

The Boggs relic was part of the prize, but the Papelbon and some of the Red Sox cards were part of the trade. I guess to that end I don't really know where the prize ended and the trade began. Everyone received some cards of their favorite team(s), as well as the assortment of junk wax and it was all scaled depending on the level of the prize if that makes sense.