Monday, January 4, 2010

Rolling in the cards

I got a package from Roll Out the Barrel this weekend.  It contained a buch of great cards.  It was one of my favorite kind of packages too, the ones where I can tell someone spent time looking at my needs list because it didn't contain a single double.  This is jus a small sample of what I received.

2007 Topps Opeaning Day Wally:  Any cards I rceive out of the Topps Opeaning Day or UD First Edition sets are new to me because I never buy any packs of them.  Of all the 07fs I have this is by far my favorite.  It is just a fun card.  He also sent a couple 08 Opening Days that I didn't scan that I would like to mention because I love the bright red cards.  They will look real good in my binder once I get close enough to a team set to put them in pages.  I would have probably bought some in 08 if I knew what they looked like at the tme.

2007 Flair Showcase David Ortiz:  These cards are awesome.  They look great.  I didn't own a single Showcase baseball card till I got this package and now I have two because he also send Manny.  (I d ave some older Football and Basketball ones, oes anyone need an Iverson Showase RC?)

2008 UDX Eponential:  I just wrote a post begging for some of these and one shows up in my mailbox.  He must have ESP too because he had to have mailed it before I wrote the post. 

2006 Ultra Mark Loretta (Gold??):   I scanned this card because I think it is a gold parrellel but I am not sure.  It definatly looks more gold than any other of them I have but isn't near as gold as ones from other years and doesn't say anywhere on the card.  (The scan looks more gold than the card does in hand)

2008 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Dice-K:  I really like last years Stadium Club.  If the price wasn't so high on them or if I had a Target nearby, to have got in on the discout blasters, I might have bought some last year so I appreciate every one I get in trade.  Oddly enough I am closer to a team set of the 1st Day Issue than I am of the regular version. 

Thanks for the cards Ed.  Your Brewers are in the mail.


Roy-Z said...

It is indeed a gold medallion. Take it from me, someone obsessed with Fleer Ultra.

Anonymous said...

Hey no problem and I am glad you enjoyed them. It makes it easy to send cards when a wantlist is nicely organized.

Perhaps I should add that to my new years resolution...

AdamE said...

It took me more than a month working on it a few hours per day to come up with that list. Good news is if someone neds a Red Sox Master List they don't haveto make it I can just give it to them.