Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eBay Messages Are Powerful

The other day I posted a Virdon I got by sending a question asking if the guy would take less.  What I didn't mention is that after he accepted my lower offer I asked him about a second Virdon he had lised.  This one a 1978 Grand Slam #147.  He took this offer also and combined the shipping.  

I didn't feel like measuring the card or getting out the Standard Catalog to describe this cards size so I scanned it ontop of a normal sized card. As you can tell it is a bit smaller than standard.  The scan makes it look like it is on some kind of matted cardstock but it is not.  The cardstock is kind of a slick white card like what you would find on a TCMA issue.  They just used a picture with shitty quality on it for the card. 

The back is nothing more than a bio.  No stats or anything.  I do however like that they listed the set and the year on the card. 


Potch said...

I'm sure you've written about this probably many times but why do you collect Bill Virdon? Idle curiosity.

SpastikMooss said...

Ooo two Virdons in one purchase. That's nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that 2.81 batting average was too tough to sustain.

AdamE said...

Potch - Until my move to Arizona early this year, I lived in West Plains MO for 25 years. Bill Virdon was from West Plains. So I collected him because he was from my hometown. I also collect Preacher Roe because for the same reason but I don't have near as many Preacher cards because they are pricier.