Monday, June 13, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 12 (New to me)

I have a story like most others out there.  we collected cards throughout childhood but we stopped collecting for some reason.  My reason was girls.  I couldn't afford chasing women and buying cards at the same time.  Little did I know that actually catching one would become even more expensive.  98 was the last year I bought cards for a long time.  I didn't have much 95-98 because I was collecting football at the time but I at least knew what the looked like because I spent plenty of time in a card shop.  That said, I am always intrigued by what cards look like from the time I spent away from the hobby.

To me the "Fleer Tradition" is producing lesser cards than anyone else.  All Fleer products except Ultra rated lower than Collectors Choice to me.  Why that is I do not know, they have just always seemed inferior to other cards.
 My LCS didn't carry much Fleer (base and Ultra only) but they carried no Pacific.  To me Pacific had this allure of being rare and elusive because I could only see them in Beckett. 

This is one shiny card.  Maybe if I had seen cards like this back then my opinion of Fleer would be higher.

 Fleer beat Topps to the retro marketplace by a few years.  To bad that they had no history other than this one year.   This was a retro set before retro became the normal. 

Looking back SkyBox should have got the low man on the totem pole position.

I had this card.  Somehow it never got marked off my list and I now have two.  With a list as big as mine it happens.

I think Opening Day would be a pretty cool idea for a set  IF TOPPS DID IT RIGHT!!  They should do it AFTER Opening Day and and only print Opening Day players using photos from Opening Day.  The jersey cards in the set should all be from from Opening Day also.  I know that they wouldn't do that though, to much work and money.  They could at least do their manu-patch thing and use a fake patch saying opening day.

Fleer's one bright spot, Ultra.   Not a regular Ultra either, a Gold Medallion Ultra.

This Nomar looks like an insert.  I almost threw it in the insert stack before I realized it was a base card.  That would have resulted in not marking it off my checklist and me getting another one in a month or two.

I like the Omega line.  It was only around for a couple years I see but I like all of them I had.  A complete set of horizontal cards is a great thing.  (that silver blob on the right looks good in person)

Finally the sets from the time I wasn't collecting are starting to pile up.  That is a Victory for me.  (and it doesn't hurt that cards from 1999-2004 are loaded with Pedro cards either)

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