Thursday, June 9, 2011

From The El Cheapo Break

**Ain't it a bitch when you misspell something in your title and don't realize it until 3hours later and everyone has already seen how you you must be an idiot because computers tell you if you misspelled something now-a-days?

Torzul not so recently had an El Cheapo break.  He bought a box of stuff and split it amongst others for a small fee.  Here's my haul.

First is the newbies.  At least new to me.

Top Left: This is one of those bastard cards that my checklist says I need but when I get the card to my binder I actually already had it.  It mainly happens with Bowman and their shitty numbering system.
Top Right: 2010 Upper Deck Portraits David Ortiz - I hardly have any of the insert stuff from 2010.  I think it is because nobody actually bought any.
Middle:  2009 Upper Deck X Xponential:  I don't collect inserts but I am trying to get all these because they look so good.  I have most of the ones from 2008 but the 2009 ones have been much more elusive.
Bottom Left: 2002 Fleer Genuine Anastacio Martinez - This card opened up a new can of worms.  It is a card not on my checklist but it is actually a Red Sox card.  Further inspection shows it is an Update card but no team checklist has been found yet.
Bottom Right: Willy Mo Pena Refractor - Not sure what year it is because I scanned it a month ago and put it away and without looking at the back of the card all Bowman look alike.  I think I read somewhere that big Willy is about to be called up by whatever team he landed on.  That should be fun for them.  Willy hit the longest homer I ever saw in person.  It was at a game in KC and he hit it over the restaurant behind left field.  To bad he strikes out 50 times for each one of his titan shots.

Now on to the doubles I received.  Each is for trade. All the Horizontal ones first.

 Lots of 2008 Xponential cards.  More people seemed to buy 2008 than 2009 Upper Deck X.  Probably cause UD made basically the same set 2 years running. and everyone got tired of it the first year.
A Chicken Card.  Two Papi A&G inserts.

 A bunch of Topps junk inserts and a Heritage Chrome.  I hate that Topps puts an insert or three in every single pack.  To me it cheapens the inserts and the set itself.  I know they are trying to attract the mojo collectors but do mojo collectors really want History and Tales of the Game?  I don't think so.

I usually miss out on all the cheaper group breaks because the Sox get taken right away but luckily I beat all the other collectors to the punch and got in on it this time.  Hopefully I get lucky once more when Thorzul does it again.

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RedSoxCollector said...

Hey, Adam, the Wily Mo Pena card is a 2006, and wow, I was at that game where Wily Mo hit that mammoth blast over everything in left field. It was unbelievable! Myself and a couple buds do a Red Sox road trip every year, and that year was KC. We are going to Pittsburgh the end of this month for the Sox-Pirates series.