Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 7 (Junk Runner-Up)

Last Dan mailday post I said that 1990 was the pinnacle of the junk wax era.  Night Owl agreed.  (and left a comment saying so)   Now I am going to state that 1991 is the junk wax runner up. Whether you agree with that or not here is some great stuff from 1991 that Dan sent me.  (fyi... for me whether is the hardest word to remember how to spell correctly) (not counting hors d'oeuvre) (I had to look them both up)

As embarrassing as it is that I still need some cards from 91 it is worse still that I need a whole bunch from a very common set.   Dan saw a huge hole in my 19 Team sets and did his best to fill it.  He sent 24 cards from The Conlon Collection that I needed.  I have always thought that these are great cards.  I only know a handful of the players but the card back rectifies that because there is at least a paragraph, sometimes 2 or 3 on the back.

I am now only 1 card short of my Conlon team set.  I still need #161 Tom Hughes.

Yep, 91 Stadium Club is still on the want list.  Even after Dan sent me these.  I somehow still need #309 Clemens.   Yeah, don't ask me how.

I remember when Classic cards were real big.  The Phone cards that they were putting out went for at the time crazy amounts.  Myself I don't need phone cards I just want base cards so I was happy to receive the two cards below.  You know, I wonder if one of those phone cards will still work?

Ok you might be thinking I didn't have my 91 Topps team set done from the picture but I actually do.  The Scott Cooper card is from the Drat debut 90 set.  I'm guessing it is a box set like Traded.  The other two cards have me confused.  They are I think 91 Topps Micro.  The backs say that it is only a 32 card set.  TEAMSETS4YOU however says it is a 792 card set with the same checklist as flagship.  I just put my Standard Catalog away from yesterday's post and am to lazy to get it back out knowing that someone reading this knows the answer without looking it up.

Dana from Dan finished off my Toys R Us Rookies team set.   I don't remember anything from Dana's Red Sox career because all Dana's in my memory have been replaced by a certain race car driver.

 Finishing up with a Woolworth Dwight Evens.  This card makes me think of riding a bike.  Not because I ever put a card in my bike spokes.  I'm not one of those idiots.  I remember as a kid getting a bicycle from Woolworths.  It seems baseball cards bring back more memories than just the on field kind.


Don said...

I think Craker Jack put out a micro Topps set around the year of the two you have pictured. But, my memory is really bad, so I could have it confused with something else.

Don said...

I just looked it up and my memory is working fine. They are from the 1991 Topps Cracker Jack set.