Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is this doing on a red Sox blog???

It is not to often I post a yankee card.  It is something I try to avoid.  Sometimes that is hard though. The guy I player collect spent some time as the yankees manager so I end up with a few.  This card however looks like a yankee card but isn't.  It is actually a 1975 Syracuse Chief card.  The Chiefs were a farm team for the yankees and Bill Virdon spent some time there before moving into the dugout in yankee Stadium.  

I didn't scan the back because it is blank. 

 This card has been on eBay for 3 months.  It sat at $25 for a long time.  I started watching when it was on it's first 30 day listing.  Each time the 30 days expired I started watching it again.  Finally last week I sent the guy a message that read something like:

This card has been listed for 3 months and no takers.  You probably onticed that someone was watching it each time.  Well that someone was me every time and if you would sell it for $X I will take it off your hands.  I went pretty low figuring that the guy would come back with a different price but instead he said ok.

There is one more Virdon Syracuse Chiefs card that I have to find.  The 74 version.  It however has never been on eBay.  I'm sure that most minor league manager cards don't sell well online so I doubt I ever see it.  Hopefully someone in the New York area will see this post and run across one sometime and acquire it for me.

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