Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 11 (1998)

The history of cards from a trade package from Dan.  Enjoy the ride.

I remember getting talked into buying a box of these in 98.  They were going to be so expensive in the future.  I hardly knew anyone I pulled.  I was so pissed at him for talking me into buying them that the guy gave me my money back.  He told me that I would regret taking my money back one day.  He was wrong!

 Finally getting into some Pedros.  I think a Pedro collection would be awesome to go through.  He was in every single product and had half a dozen inserts in every single product. 

These look like Circa.  Yuck!

I like parallels but base cards like this is one reason I stayed away from Pacific.  They didn't last long so evidently I wasn't the only one.

I Pity The Fool Who... Wait that was Mr T, not Reggie Jefferson.  Although Reggie Jefferson is kind of a grumpy name.  At least I would consider it grumpy.  Evidently so does Reggie.

I have never bought a pack of Collectors Choice.   Not one ever.   Never bought First Edition or Opening Day either.  If I didn't know better I would have said that was Jacoby on that card.  Looks just like him.

Fleer Tradition is a crappy name for a set.  Seriously the only tradition they have is a tradition of making cheesy cards.  Their best set was in 59 and I don't think it was even the same company.

Leaf is stealing their history also.  Yes there were 48 Leaf cards but it was a different Leaf all together.  I guess since Fleer stole history for their regular cards they might as well do it for their Leaf brand too.

For some reason I think I have more Brian Rose doubles than anyone else in the 90s.  It is refreshing to get a new card of him every now and then.

 I don't remember these coming out but I like them.  It helps that they are all horizontal. 

Year after year Pinnacle put out great cards.  I haven't missed Upper Deck that much for the last year but I have missed Pinnacle ever since it's demise.

This card makes not sense at all.  Pedro in a set called World Series, in 1998.   Evidently Pedro doesn't understand it either, just look at his face.

That throwback uniform looks so much better than the milkman unis they wore against the Cubs this year.  I actually kind of like it.  I like the red hat way more than the alternate hat they use with the hanging Sox logo.  The strings really tie it together.  I know that was bad wasn't it?

The Captain looks like such a kid in this card.  Who know back then that he would become the grizzled veteran.

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