Friday, June 3, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 8 (early 90s)

So now that the junkiest of all the junk has been posted it is on to the rest of the early 90s.  I'm adding a bunch together because I don't think many are interested.  At least noone is commenting so I perseive that know body is reading.

If you thought that this was a normal Red Sox car than you are mistaked.  Yes it looks like 92 Upper Deck but look at the hat on AAron.  See the big L instead of a B.
 Someone blogger out there is collecting Team Pinnacle.  When I figure out who it is I have a few to send them.  Not Plantier though he stays with me.

Closing in on yet another Fleer mini set.  This Clemens subset was an insert though instead of a small boxed set.   At least I think.

If these next few cards look familiar it is because all the Conlon cards look a whole lot alike.   I think the different years are actually different shades but I'm just enough color blind I can't tell.

 The last two were 92s this one is a 93.

 This Fun Packcard screams early 90s.  Look at Me! Look at Me!! it seems to be saying.

The card back is just as obnoxious.  

 I always have liked Topps Gold since it inception.  I liked the First Day Issue Stadium Club also.  I'm a sucker for parallels no matter how frivolous they are.  (as long as it is on the front of the card)

Select issued their League Leader cards as a subset.  I have a hunch that they made just as many of them as they did all of the base cards. 

 I have always like Action Packed.  I had a ton of football Action Packed.  I even had an almost complete John Madden set.

Take a look at the Zupcic card.  I can't think of another card where they show someone getting brushed back onto his but.

Dan must have bought every traded set there ever was cause once again he knocked a bunch off my want list.  This time 93 Fleer.

 More lovely Topps Gold cards.  If I live to be 1000 I may get them all.

I'm not sure what the "Gong North" refers to on this card.   I'm not sure what kind of hat Tony has on either.  I wonder were the Red Sox minor league team was way back when.   (I don't wonder enough to actually google it though)

 I think the back of Greenwell's card has to be one of the worst pictures ever on a card.  This is way worse than Zupcic getting brushed back.  This is The Gator losig the ball in the sun and quite possibly taking one "you know where" while his legs do a Buster Posey.  (minus the injurya)

Score Gold just doesn't do it for me like Topps Gold does.  

Dam you Post.   I want baseball cards in my cereal still.

Finest from when Finest cards were actually the Finest cards around.

It is hard to tell from the scan but those are Silver Signatures.  I didn't buy any of these so I don't know what the insert rate was for silver.  I'm guessing one per pack.

 A card from back when Pinnacle was at it's Zenith.  Or maybe it is just a Pinnacle Zenith. 

Doesn't Nomar look like a goober in this picture?  I bet he laughs like Krusty the Clown.

 Mo looks to be out of breath in this photo.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say he isn't trying for a triple.  I'm guessing he wither just made the turn from first trying to stretch it to a double or he is going 1st to 3rd.  If it was a triple he would be crawling those last few steps.

 Mike looks better with a hat on.  Just saying.

This card is an odd case.  Not odd because it is a Red Sox wearing a Cardinal uniform, odd because I had the Ultra Gold before the regular version.

 This set is a perfect candidate for a Night Owl Define the Design post.

Look a Bowman card that doesn't have a black border and a ridicules numbering system.  Makes me wonder how they got to where they are now.
If you couldn't tell from all the foil on the front of these the backs spell it out for you.  G-O-L-D  R-U-S-H.  Still not as good as Topps Gold though.

I realized that I need to go back into my want list and add in Museum Collection.  They are my alltime favorite parallel and I don't have them on my want list.

It is always fun to see early Leaf cards.  Back in the 90s my LCS didn't believe in Fleer products and wouldn't carry them except for Ultra.  He said that they were over produced.  Turns out he was right they were overproduced but so was everything else.

Here is a Blue and a Silver CC Special Edition.  Were these both inserted in CC or was there a Collector's Choice Special Edition set?

Next up late 90s.


Ryan G said...

I'll indulge you with a bit of commenting.

Yes, the Clemens set was an insert. I think the Gwynn set from Ultra looks better than this one though.

All the Conlon cards are supposed to be the same color. Well, same shade of black and white. I'm sure there were some printing differences though. There are some parallels with different borders - I remember some burgandy and green.

I love Fun Pack. Two years of 90's awesomeness. The subset cards are even better, with heat-sensitive cards and such.

Those '93 Fleer are actually Final Edition cards (the traded/update set). Took me a few seconds to figure that out myself in a recent trade, which is why I noticed.

I don't know about the Conigliaro - as far as I can tell he was born in the north, played in the New York-Penn League, and played with Boston and the Angels. If I had my set with me I'd compare it to the other players in that subset.

Yup. Silver Sigs were one per pack.

You can blame Bowman's numbering on MLB's rookie rules.

Special Edition was a separate set.

This was a fun post, because these cards (and probably your next post) were at the height of my collecting career. I bought at least one box of every single baseball product back then. I've been trying for years to finish my Conlon set. All I have left is series 5 but I can't find it at a reasonable price. And you're right, ToppsGold is always better than Gold Rush. It's because Gold Rush used that annoying foil board, while ToppsGold just had foil highlights.

AdamE said...

Thank you for all the comments. It is nice to know someone is reading.

On the Conlon it is the borders that I can tell have some differences in color but it is hard for me to tell the difference between Black, Navy, Purple. So it may just be parallels that I am seeing.

RedSoxCollector said...

Adam, the "L" on Sele's cap is for Lychburgh, Sox single-A team at the time. I presume the "W" on Tony C's cap is for Wellsville, a Sox single-A affiliate, he played there in 1963 as an 18 year old. Here is a link to Red Sox minor league clubs through the years: