Monday, June 6, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 10 (1997)

This set of posts has morphed from a whole bunch of trade posts into a history of cards.  So sit back and take a trip down memory lane to 1997.

Back in 97 Fleer was still in matte mode.  Evidently they thought that the experiment failed because this was the last year of it.  They then went from one crap design to another.  

Circa never took the hint and made the same exact set each year until they were no more.  Something I will not miss one bit.

To me Leaf was a set that I considered classier than other sets.  I think that back in the day they had some advertisements about how classy they were.  Evidently it worked because I can't think of a single year that I would even consider a Leaf set as being classy. 

My collection is severely lacking Pacific cards.   I remember Pacific as being parallel happy.  They seemed to have a ton of them.  As much as I love parallels I hardly have any because I was still in Football card mode.  I do have a bunch of Pacific Marino parallels though.

What a crappy scan.  I love my scanner because it is so fast but it could use a few extra setting so I could fix scans like this one.  Than again that would probably slow it down and I would hate it so screw it enjoy the crappily scanned 1997 Pinnacle.

I don't know how Nomar is listed as a Rookie in 97.  He had cards for three years already.
Isn't it funny how some cards scan with absolutely no edge whatsoever?

While Leaf tried to be classy every year, Stadium Club actually did it.

 Ultra was usually pretty classy too.  Lots of great action shots all full bleed and with sharp as hell photos.

  Ultra gold kind of cheapened up the base Ultra though. 

 I don't know how I still need Upper Deck base cards from any year.  To me it is like base Topps yet I still need lots of cards from multiple years.  1997s hardwood floor set is one or their worst though.  (hear that Night Owl?  This should be the hardwood floor set.)

These last ones are  Pinnacle New.  I don't know what was new about them though.  They are some really great cards though.  I would say that this set would win for the clearest photos of all time.  Seriously, the scans don't do them any justice.  These are absolutely beautiful.  If I was a set collector I would be chasing all these.  Hell, I'm not a set collector and am considering it.

Not that seriously but at least considering it.


night owl said...

"Hardwood floor set" it is!

Ryan G said...

Pinnacle's base offerings were never enticing. But New Pinnacle was like them saying "Oh, you mean a premium set is supposed to feature quality photos and clean design?" I guess the "New" was them saying "We're fixing our crappy product." It was also the second Pinnacle set to come out that year (it took the place of series 2).