Thursday, June 16, 2011

Late to the party 2011 Bowman review

I refuse to buy Bowman products.  I will not buy a single pack until they fix the numbering system.  I don't buy into the "MLB makes them do that" excuse.  Yes MLB has rookie card requirements but that doesn't mean that they have to have a crappy numbering system.  The whole Chrome as inserts and a whole Chrome set later in the year is even worse.  

Until the Bowman boycott is over I must rely on others to complete my Bowman team sets.  So this review is courtesy of Play At The Plate who gave this to me for winning a contest.  I'm posting one card of each type he sent.  Even though I am going to be kind of hash in what I say about each card I still appreciate Brain sending them to me.  Without great traders like him I would never have any Bowman Red Sox.  Except that he didn't exactly trade these he gave them to me so even better.  Now the review:

First is the base cards.  Once again Bowman has a black border.  Boo!!!  I hate black borders.  Think how good this card would look if Topps did away with the border, made it full bleed, and moved the color triangle things down to the corners with the team logo and position inside of the color.  I think that would make it way better.  Actually it would look something like a 2009 Goose Joak Original Card.

Taking away the black border would screw up the gold border parallel though.  I guess they could use gold foil and put something on there that said "hey look at me I'm a gold card", it's been done before.

Next up with have a ridiculously numbered subset of the prerookies.  Instead of just expanding the numbers they start over and throw a bunch letters in there.  That gives us BP BDP and later there will end up with BDPP cards.

If all that BPDPPBDDPPP stuff wasn't confusing enough, Topps throws in a bunch of Cs to really fuck with us.
The Topp 100 Prospects is actually a pretty cool set.  Not everything Bowman is bad.    90% of the regular prospects no one ever heard of and nobody ever will but these guys we will all hear of eventually.  And no black border.

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