Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dan, What A Mailday!! Post 13 (Double Ought)

2000 was another year that I didn't collect cards.  Not just baseball cards, I didn't collect anything.  I always find early 00s cards that I have never seen.

I think they had some Stadium Club Chrome before 2000 but I think it was an insert only.  Looks like they put out a whole set of it in 2000.  

Look how young Varitek is in this card.  He looks so much different now.  He also has a big C on his chest now too. 

Ugg, Bowman Chrome.  I hate Bowman stuff and I hate Chrome products so when you put the two together you get horrible.

Carl looks like he lost a tooth on this card.  I don't remember him having a gap in the front.  But maybe?

2000 was probably the most boring year of Metal.  Comparing it to other years it is kind of boring.

I am fast running out of BS to say. I don't know how people like Night Owl and the Troll can  write a 500 word post about a single card.  Ican hardly come up with one sentence.

 This scan sucks.  Why is it the cooler a card is the worse it scans.  I know this one is because of all the shiny but cards with no frills but really great photography rarely scan well either.  

 When I think Private Stock I think mini cards.  I don't think they were one per pack or anything like they are now but they had mini cards.  I was shocked the first time I saw one but it stuck out in my head enough that I only remember the mini ones.  (this is a regular, not a mini)

 I hate that I don't have every single Upper Deck regular card yet.  I just feel like as many Red Sox cards as I have fer every year Upper Deck base should be a set that I have all the Sox out f but there are a surprizing amount that I don't, 2000 being one of them. 

Stick a big tattoo on Troy's neck and he would look just like Carl Crawford on this card.  Carl grimaces just like that when he swings sometimes and they have about the same build.

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