Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who want these cards?? Probably a Braves collector.

This is Claim Your Cards post #3.  Hopefully I actually get a response this time.

There are quite a few more cards in this package than either of the last two.  I had these rounded up for a Braves collector.  I just don't know which one.  I know it wasn't Dayf or McCann because I already shipped them some Braves lately. If you are a Braves collector these could be yours.
 There are a few cool looking cards in here.  Not much as far as inserts but a couple are here.  It is had to see in the picture but the card on the bottom right is a hologram card.  A few Chippers here, an Aaron and a baby card.  (I don't even remember where I got that little baby card at)  I didn't say mini because it is so much smaller than a mini card.  

The person I rounded these up for was also putting together a 2010 Topps Insert sets.  Here are the ones I had for him/her 

Topps inserts are not all that is on the mystery person's wantlist.  Evidently they were piecing together a 2010 A&G set along with 2008 Timeline, and 2009 Goodwin.

If you need these cards claim them today.


Colbey (flywheels) said...

I don't think we've traded before, but I am building the 08 UD Timeline, 09 UD Goodwin Champions and 2010 Topps and I am a Braves fan.

AdamE said...

Good chance i saw your site pulled the cards then forgot who I grabed them for. Shot me your address and they are yours.