Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Vintage Trade Bait

I got the rest of the Exhibition cards I talked about in a former post.  All these are up for trade.  My want list is here.

Unlike the last group these are all 1947-66 Exhibits.  

First one is Harry Lowrey.  Yes I know I spelled the name different than the card shows.  That is because this is an error card.  There is another corrected version out there but the Standard Catalog says that neither are rarer than the other.  Harry was know as Peanuts Lowrey.  He got his nickname from an uncle because he was so small as a kid.  But what is really cool about Peanuts Lowery is that he was one of the kids in Our Gang.   After I read that I almost decided to keep the card.

 Next is Al Evans. I don't know much about him other than he played eleven years for Washington and also played twelve games with Boston.

 Gil McDougald was a five time All Star with the yankees.  He also was the 1951 AL Rookie of the Year.  51 was also the year he hit seven RBI in the World Series. 

Orestes Minoso is better known as Minnie Monoso but he actually had many nicknames: "The Cuban Comet", "Mr. White Sox", and while playing in Mexico was "El Charro Negro" — "The Black Cowboy".  Incredibly his first MLB appearance was in 1949 and his final appearance was in 1980!!  He is one of only 2 MLB players to play in 5 different decades.  Ontop of that he played independent ball in 1993 and 2003 making him the only player to appear in professional baseball games in 7 different decades.  He was a 9 time All Star and won 3 Gold Gloves.   The White Sox retired his jersey #9.

I also still have one card left over from my last trade bait post.  Nobody wanted Chico Carrasquel.

So if anyone wants some of these make an offer in the comments.


Greg Zakwin said...

Two things:

One, did you get the cards I sent?

And two, I'd love to trade for the Lowrey.

AdamE said...

Lowrey and Minoso have both been traded. All the rest are still available though.