Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Feature: Claim you cards

Claim your cards is a trade bait post but it isn't a normal trade bait post.  See I have these stacks of cards that I have pulled for people over the last few months but I don't know who I pulled them for.  More than likely I went through someones wantlist and then forgot who they went to before I contacted them.  That or I never heard from them after contacting them.  So here is the first one.  If you think this is your stack of cards just leave a comment and it will be.

So fisrt up is a stack that I know has sat around since before Thanksgiving sometime.  Looks like someone had a 08 Masterpiece and a 08 Timeline wantlist.  The other cards should really show who these were supposed to be for.  Evidently they were a Andre Dawson and a Alex Gordon collector.  There can't be too many Gordon collectors out there.  There is also a 87 Donruss Darren Dalton in the stack.  I seem to remember someone collecting Darren Dalton.  If it is you please let me know...

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