Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fantasy Football Round-Up

First off I have to congradulate Beardy as the 2010 Card Bloggers Unite Champion.  Earlier in the year he predicted a ThoughtsandSox vs Beardy Finally but I dropped the ball in the first round and ended up 4th.  I will be sending him his prize of the craptastic autos I promised along with something that he might actually want.  I know a few others said that they would give the winner some stuff too so please ask Beardy for his address.  (or I'll give it out if it is okay with him)

Here is how the teams finished up.

This was the league that I was comish of.  I also participated in two others. 

I finished a horrible 6th place in the Last Man Standing X League comished by Captain Canuck of Waxaholic.  I knew right out of the draft that I missed it was going to be a bad year.  This was a league with 2 quarterback spots and an anything spot, so basicly 3 quarterback spots, and the only quarterback that Yahoo picked for me was Rothlesberger, who didn't even start the first half of the season.  I had fun picking grabbing the backup quarterback every week that might get a start.  Lesson learned though, DON"T MISS THE DRAFT or you will get beat by a girl!!!!

Lastly (actually should be Firstly!!) I was in the Card Collectors Of The Gridiron League comished by BA Benny.  After a two week battle with the Daily Dimwit I took home Fantasy Gold.

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beardy said...

Congrats on winning at least one league. I had totally forgotten the prize for winning it all. If anyone wants to send me anything, you can feel free to give out my address. All I ask is that you don't bip me or send a bag of dog crap.

I thought it was going to be you and I in the finals as well. Your team was beast, but may have peaked too early, while mine hit it's stride later on in the season. It was fun, and you can count me in for next year.