Friday, January 7, 2011

Cards From Jason C, New Freedom PA

I got some good stuff from Jason in New Freedom PA.  I don' think he has a blog and if he does I'm sorry I forgot it.  When i saw his address I thought it was pretty cool because I have family that lives in Freedom PA.  Then I figured out that they were two different places and not even remotely located by each other.  Even though he doesn't live by my cousin(s) he sent some good cards.

First off here is a whole slew of Big Mo Vaughn cards.  All mo Vaughn cards come from back when they put lots of thought in the design of cards.  Just about everything from back then looked good.  (ok minus that Bazooka card, but it has an excuse it was for kids)  The top Middle card is actually a Pinnacle Foil card.  Pinnacle had a few different parallels to their sets and I'm not positive but I think that foil was the easiest one to get.  Top Right is a Topps gallery card.  Topps should really bring Gallery back and use UDs Masterpieces for the model.  That may get me to buy some packs instead of just singles like this year.  The middle row is a good looking Bowman's Best, Flair Showcase and a Bowman card from before they all looked the same.  Select Certified was one of my favorite sets that I spent way to much money on in 96 (football version).  I don't really know anything about the Affectionado card other than it is Mo.  Hey, who doesn't like getting Mo cards...

I also got some Parallels from Jason.  First are these two Black Bordered O-Pee-Chee cards.  The bordered O-Pee-Chee have been kind of hard to track down.  I really like them though.  There is a fairly large checklist and it reminds me of cards from my youth.  If I was going to build one set from the last 2 years O-Pee-Chee would be it.  (regular version that is).  As it stand though I'm only collecting the Red Sox and the regular #34 Takashi Saito is on my Top 10 list as the last regular one I need.  I need lots of black bordered ones.

You can't really tell from the scans but these are both refractors.  I'm not sure what I am going to do about this years Chrome refractors.  Not sure if I am going to chase down each color, mix-n-match colors, or not chase any of them.

Another Topps Gallery card this one of the best pitcher of his generation Pedro.  Dang good looking card.  I'm always glad to add a new Pedro card to the collection.  I used to think that nobody wanted to trade off their Clemens and Nomars but I'm starting to think that Pedro is actually harder to come by.  But I can't blame anyone for not trading him off either.  

Thanks for the cards Jason!!!

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