Thursday, January 6, 2011

Does anyone want to take over a blog???

No not his one.  Thoughts and Sox may not be very interesting to all but I'm keeping it.  I'm talking about my other blog I started and gave up on.  Cardboard APB

It was originally for multiple bloggers to chase cards they were needing but it never took off.  Even I quit using it.  I love the name.  The name itself will probably pull in lots more page views than this blog will but I started here and am going to finish here.  So if anyone wants to take it over and make it whatever they want it is available.

BTW:  I still need that 2007 Heritage Red Sox Team Card...

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BA Benny said...

I would be interested interested, send me an e-mail with any info on it and I will try to to bring it back to life. I like the concept and it does have a cool name.