Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mailday from Section 36

Section 36 is one of the Red Sox collectors that I send some of my doubles to.  He recently sent me some cards for my troubles.  (okay so before Christmas isn't actually that recently but it is recently enough in trade post days)

First up is a couple 09 Goudey cards.  The first is one of those 4-In-1 cards that are painful to track down. This is one of my favorite ones though because all four players are (or were) Red Sox.  I don't like the ones that have 4 random guys from four different teams on them.   The second card is a 09 Goudey Carlton Fisk Mini.  When Goudey came out in 08 I got a mini card right off the bat and decided I wanted to chase them all down.  At the time I wasn't aware how scarce they were so I have had a hard time tracking them all down.  This is one of the high numbered cards that are short printed in the regular size cards.  I do not know if they are also short printed in the mini version as well.  Either way it is a great addition to the collection.

More Upper Deck inserts.  This time 09 StarQuest variety.  Variety indead.  Upper Deck released these things in multiple colors.  Each color is rated from common to Ultra Rare with about 5 stops in between.  This is much better than 08 when there were randomly put in a variety of products with seemingly no rhyme or reason.  I still don't even have a 08 StarQuest checklist cause I can't figure them out.  I really like these things.  They almost remind me of an old Pinnacle Insert Museum Collection only not as shiny.  Those old Museum cards are some of my favorite inserts ever.  Actually I wrote a post on it some time ago.   These 4 StarQust cards has me close enough to getting them all that I can now put them in the 09 binder rather than living in a box.  There are 8 red Sox in the StarQust team set.  It would have been nice if it would have been 9 so that each color filled up a sheet.  Now I have to decide how to page them.  A sheet for each color that only has 8 cards in it or do I put every variety of a card next to each other?  I'm leaning twords the color per sheet because the other way would lead to some guys being half on one sheet and half on another.  But than again it would look kind of cool to have all the parallels together.

He also sent a bunch of other stuff but this is all I scanned.  Thanks for the all the great Sox.


Spankee said...

I'm pretty sure one trade post day is equal to one month, so you got it within one trade post day. I had an occurrence earlier this year where the other blog died and went away before I could post my end. So, you shouldn't feel bad.

Section 36 said...

Glad you liked the cards. I certainly owed you.