Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ever get Cards And Forget Who They Are From??

Have you ever received cards and forgot who they were from, well I did?  I have a system.  Usually works really good.  I get cards in the mail and mark them off my checklist.  Them I place them back in their envelope and place it on a shelf until I get around to scanning them.  Somehow these made it to the shelf without the envelope.  I'm not positive what happened but I figure I either needed an envelope and swiped it or I needed the return address to send off cards and forgot to replace it when I was done.  Either way I'm lost as to who sent these. 

These are no ordinary Finest these are of the refractor variety.  Somehow I have almost as many refractors from Finest this year as I have base cards.  For me Finest is one of the harder base sets to complete and the refractors are a pipe dream. 

This was a much appreciated card from the package.  **Evans was the last 82 Donruss I needed to complete the team set. 

Whoever you are thanks for the cards.  Hopefully I only forgot your name and I didn't forget to send you something in return.

**I got a 2nd copy of this a few days later in a huge box of Red Sox.  When it rains it pours.  I won't be posting the stuff I got in that big box because I admit I filed it away before scanning it.  I really should have scanned it because it was filled with oddball 80s cards and 70s O-Pee-Chee.  I also never got around to a return package for it either because I promised a bunch of vintage Sox cards for them but I am waiting on someone else to claim a few of them first. 

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ShaneK said...

Hey Adam—

Glad you enjoyed the huge Box 'o Sox!! Hey, been meaning to email you. Just got my blog up and running and my want lists are up:

Crafting my first post today, but of those 71 Sox, if I could grab the Smith (305) and Nagy (363) that would be great.
Drop me an email when you get a chance.