Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have You Offered a Trade to Me Lately??

I was cleaning out my junk mail file and right as I hit delete I noticed an e-mail that said Cards... then it dissapeared forever.  I'm not sure who sent it to me.  It looked like someone named June March sent it but like I said I saw it for a fraction of  second before it was gone.  So if you someone out there offered me cards in the last few days and I haven't responded please send me another e-mail.


Peterson said...

L:ike I said about the pro debut, I have a set of cards coming your way before too long...but I am positive you do not have an active trade with me.
PS that new header shot of fenway? I have never seen a more ominous light over the pressbox like that...your pic? sunset after a hot day?
I miss Boston AND Milwaukee...

AdamE said...

Nope not a picture I took, just one I came across somewhere along the way. I actually have another sunset over Fenway picture that is almost as good also.

I knew it wasn't an e-mail from you, because it wouldn't have spammed it. This was an e-mail from someone I have evitently never traded with before.