Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Card Show Loot 2

This is the post with the good stuff I got from the guy with the clearance bin. Although none of these came from his clearance bin.  These were in a case of nothing but Goudey/Chicle/Playball.  (and some odd 1930 Blue Ribbon Malt cards)  He had an odd pricing scheme for the cards in this case.  On each top loader he has Beckett Price and then he had the price that he wanted for them. But he had them on sale for 20% off.  Evidently he only figured someone would buy one card at a time because it was a nightmare to try to figure out how much one of these cost.  He realized it too and knocked them to 10% Beckett price. 

First up is this card from a set that inspired the new Chicle set.  I bought this original for the price of two packs of the 2010 version.

Here is the back in case you want to compare it to the new ones.  I would comapre for you but I don't have any 2010s yet.  Probably won't untill someone sends me some because I spent my whole months card budget in one day.  I'm going to have to do some major honey do stuff to even participate in the upcoming group breaks I was planning on.

Here are a couple 33s I picked up.  I just love old old cardboard.  The new retro stuff is cool but it can't compare.  I'm almost to the point of giving up on new stuff altogether and just going vintage.

Maybe someone can help me out here.  I think this is a 33 also but it doesn't say BIG LEAGUE at the bottom like the others.  Is it a series 2 or something?

Last of the cool pre war cards.  A 34 Goudey this time.  I can't explain what it is like picking up old cards like this.  All I can say is that you all need to go experiance it for yourself.

Next post will be cards go from a dffeent seller.  I got some pretty good stuff from him.  A few 50s but nothing as old as these.  Stay tuned...


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Great pick ups! I wish I could find that guy around here.

AdamE said...

He does some travelling. He told me he was in Chicago a few weeks ago. He is also planning on being in Kansas and Tulsa before he comes back to Springfield MO at the end of June.

Sharpe said...

Almost makes more sense to spend the $10 on vintage rather than new poo, eh?