Thursday, May 6, 2010

Card Show Loot Contest

This will be my first contest here at Thoughts & Sox.  The way it is gonna work is easy.  When I go to a card show I like to pick up something for someone else.  Last time I got a card for dayf.  This time I got one for someone else.  Here is how the contest is going to work.  I want you readers to guess the player on the card and the blogger that will  be on the receiving it.  I'll give the winner something that fits their collection.  And if I do have anything that fits I'll go get it*. First one that guesses both correct wins. 

You're clues are the card design and a few stats. 

-Good Luck

* If the winner collects vintage Mantle, Original T206, or something along those lines they will be SOL.


Doc said...

Ah, contests!

1961 Post Roberto Clemente #132

I'd have to say it is for The Collective Troll.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner??

steve maitlen said...

1961 Post Bob Clemente #132

I'm going to say it's headed to SewingMachineGuy, due to his penchant for eating cereal while reading baseball card blogs.

Captain Canuck said...

I do believe that I am a little late to the party as my guesses are both guessed.

AdamE said...

That didn't take long. Congradulations Doc. I'll e-mail you for prize preferances.

Doc said...

Woo hoo!



Anonymous said...