Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Topps Set Designers

This started as a comment on Cardboard Junkies post about Topps 2010 releases.  I started to write a complaint post about how Topps has used A&G, T206, and T205 to death.  I started to write in all the names of sets with designs that could be used but instead decided to just write me own dang post and show everyone what I was talking about. 

So here are some old cards that could be used as a template for a retro set.  Everyone chime in one which you would like to see. 

1887 Red Stocking Cigars
Would hav eto rewrite all the Tobacco stuff but doable.  If nothing else it could be changed to "Collect the "Topps ____ Set" and used as the dummy card that is suppsed to thwart pack searchers

1884 Nation League Scorecard Cover
Not actually a card but could work. 

1904 Allegheny Card Co
Personally I think this would make a great design for the back of a retro card.

1912 E136
This would look good with the border some shade of gold and embossed.

1909 T204
Think how easy it would be to change the color of the ivy and parallel the heck out of these.

1909 T204 Square
If you don't like changing the ivy as a parrallel than change the shape like the originals.

1912 C46
Possible color variants like UD Heroes.  These are also just right for making mini cards.

1922 E120
Again easily parralleled

1922 Neilson Chocolate
Check out the embedded designs that are different in each card.  Each player could have a variant of designs not to mention colors.

Think about all of the thousands of non baseball designs that could be used.

I found all these designs in less then 10 minutes on a Robert Edward Auction and I only looked at the first 17 pages of 70.


Dave said...

Instantly became one of my favorite posts. Thanks for all the eye candy. These designs are awesome. Favorite is 1912 E136. Just amazing.

AdamE said...

Dave - Feel free to do your thing with them.

Cardsplitter said...

So many amazing old cards out there that they could pay homage to. Great post.

dayf said...

Topps already used a few of those designs in their Baseball Card History set from a couple of years ago. They've also been mining the original Allen & Ginter sets for details to make up their new A&G designs. The retro stuff is cool, but I'd like them to also try something completely new as well. Ever since the license went down to two, and now one company the innovation just hasn't been there.

That is a nifty looking Ramly with the square frame. I don't think I've seen one that nice before.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is probably the 1909 T204, BUT I DON'T WANT ANY PARALLELS!!!