Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Card Show Loot Post 3 Table #2

After visiting the guy with the vintage bin I went straight to another dealer I buy lots of stuff from.  He always has monster boxes full of 55-75 cards all sorted by year and number.  When I visit him I have a hard time leaving his tables with any money left even though he usually cuts me a deal.  He says he likes to givebetter deals to guys he knows are buying for the sake of collecting not reselling.  Again, like the last guy, I would post the business card he gave me but I lost it.  Okay onto the cards I got.

He didn't have a bin but he did have a 1000 count box marked 10% of Beckett.  I did good in this box.  Really good.  This is the first card I grabbed up. 

Why he only wanted 10% for this thing I can't figure.  It is easily the nicest 71 Topps I own.  Perfect corners and no chipping.  It is a little offcenter but perefect in any other way.  What is 10% of Beckett did you say?  Can you beleive $3?  This is the best deal I got all day.  One of my better finds ever. 

Next up I got a double.  Now I brought my checklist and it said I had the card already but I sure didn't remember the picture and thought the guy looks so goofy I surly would remember it if I had it.  Turns out the list was right and I now have to cards of this Dizzy goofy card.  (3 cards, I found I have a reprinted one also)  This one was an upgrade at least.

1952 Bowman is one of my favorite sets of all time.  They are mini cards and the artwork is some of the best ever issued on a card.  He had about 200 but these were the only Red Sox I needed.  All my other 52 are in such poor shape compared to these.

The only drawn set I have seed that compares with these is 2007 Bowman Heritage and it was a copy of this.

I try to shy away from 54 Bowman because I know I will never own the whole team set.  Unless Gellman actually sends me the 50K to spend on ebay.

When I got back into collecting my plan was to finish the 56 team set and then the 55 because I already had the Williams from both sets.  I got the 56 done but I kinda got off track and chased about 200 different team sets instead.  I'm now two cards closer.

The guy pulled like 10 boxes out from under his table looking for the last 1960 Topps I need Bill Monbouquette (which noone had at the show) when he uncovered a stack of Deckle.  A big stack, a couple hundred of them.  This Harrelson is the last one I needed.

I also bought something else from this guy but it is for tomorrow's contest post.  So stay tuned tomorrow for my first contest.


Gordon said...

Love those 1953 Topps! Dizzy Trout - sounds like a confused fish. Dizzy actually pitched for the Tigers for many years, leading the league in wins in 1943 with 20. In 1944 he had 27 wins (second to team mate Hal Newhouser's 29), a 2.12 era, and 33 (yes 33) complete games of his 40 starts. Never happen today the way they baby pitchers! In 1952, Trout was traded to the Red Sox with George Kell, Hoot Evers, and Johnny Lipon for Walt Dropo, Don Lenhardt, Johnny Pesky, Fred Hatfield, and Bill Wight. He retired after the 1952 season, then tried a comeback in 1957 with Baltimore pitching just 1/3 of an inning.

Cardsplitter said...

I'll take a Dizzy Trout off your hands. It is easy to see how the poor fellow got his nickhame.

Found a few cards off your checklist. I will send them along eventually. Did you get the last batch?

MattR said...

Very, very nice.

Play at the Plate said...

Great cards.