Sunday, May 9, 2010

Card Show Passes and Wishes

I saw some stuff at the show I wish I could have bought. 

The guy I bought my 52 Bowman from has more Post cards than I have ever seen in one place.  He litterly had thousands.  He didnt' however have the 61 Virdon I needed.  But he did have the 63 Virdon.  The problem is he wanted to much.  Now it was in great shape.  Whoever cut it out did a really good job because you could still see the little black border all the way around the card.  The guy said he had to have $25 for it.  I was shocked and told him so, said I was thinking more like $5.  He told me there was no way he could do it because it was a SP.  From his explination some of the Post cards were only put on certain products like Exlax.  Since they were not used as much as cerial they were shorter printed.  Can anyone verify this?  Hopefully it is correct and really is rare because I got one on ebay Monday for $5.

While I was going through boxes this man came up with a binder and asked the dealer if he was buying any cards.  They dealer said he would take a look at whatever he had.  The guy handed him a binder that soon had half the dealers at the show gathered around.  I just so happened to be in a perfect spot to watch him flip through the binder.  It was full of B18s.  If you don't know what a B18 is look here amd here.  When I say full, I mean it was a 3" binder stuffed with single card pages of them.  Had to be over 100 of them and mostly HOFers too.  I didn't get to see hear what the guy wanted because right when they started talking money my kid had to go to the bathroom.  When we got done in the bathroom the guy was walking away with binder in hand.  But they were pretty cool to see.

The guy had at least 6 of this Johnson alone.

The other things I wish I could have bought were a bunch of Boxing cards.  Some people probably just shut their browsers but I don't care.  One guy had a case of old boxing stuff that I would have loved to have.  He has a few A&G, a Jim Jefferies American Caramel, and another oddball Jeffries that I ddnt' know.  It was from some European set.


Gordon said...

Adam, didn't know about the Ex-Lax cards (will resist a whole bunch of jokes that brings to mind) but I know the cards were also on Jello boxes. In 1963 at least, the difference between Post
and Jello cards is the Jello cards are slightly smaller in size and the red line between the
stats goes all the way to the right edge on the Post but not the Jello card. Jello only put cards on the less popular flavors to help them sell. I remember my kid's favorite flavor of Jello was "red."

Anonymous said...

All I knew about the cards was Post vs. Jello, but does it really matter if it's an SP and worth a lot more? You got yours for $5, and if you have no reason to sell it, I wouldn't worry about it.

Howard Bagby said...

According to the price guide that I have from Sports Collectors Digest, the Post set is full of of SP's that make it very difficult to get a full set. However the Virdon card books for $5 in NM.

AdamE said...

Rhubarb - I'll never sell the card. It is more curosity than anything else. Plus I like that cards I own are rare, doesn't everyone??

I find it strange that the same guy who practically gave me the 71 Yaz tried to screw me on the Virdon.