Monday, May 10, 2010

Cards from reader Howard

A while back I saw a trade post by Cards on Cards about a trade he made with a reader named Howard.  I got hold of him and worked out my own trade for some great cards, here is that post.  Then out of the blue I received a suprise mailer in from Howard.  ***I got this package long long ago***I scanned cards and saved but for got publish***Sorry Howard***

2010 Turkey Reds:  I am so close to every single 2010 Topps Red Sox. (hot counting hats, patches and stuff like that) I only know of one card that I do not have yet but I can't verify that untill I see the checklist from Topps that has the team name listed.  I can't beleive how fast this has wrapped up.  I only have 2 Trukey Reds from 09 and here I am one month in with all the 2010s

HE also sent some eyeball Dick Perez cards.  I call them eyeball Perez cards because every one of them I have seen has crazy eyes.  Just look at the expression on Manny's face.

A Ultra Gold Papelbon.  The like this one are really hard to even tell they are gold not like the awesome gold cards in '95.

Howard also sent some Relics.  First up is a Lugo Heritage Relic.  He seems way happier in St Louis and Red Sox Nation is glad he is there.

This last card Howard sent is a reall odditity.  I'm not sure what it is.  I'm guessing some kind of repack relic.  Hard to tell from the sacn but it is really big with an actual '87 Topps card placed in it along with a piece of jersey.  What appears to be a Yankee jersy by the pinstripe.
Evidently the swatch came from Upper Deck.  At least that is what the back of the cared says.  Now if I can only figure out how to store the thing.

Thanks for the surprise Howard.  I'll be starting another Cubs stack for you.


Slangon said...

I got a similar Piazza card (I don't quite feel right calling those things a card, but I don't know what else to call them) out of a repack box a while back.

Oddly enough, it's similar to the Clemens in that the card shows Mike as a Dodger, but the jersey swatch is clearly a Mets jersey. I never had too much luck trying to get any info on it.

Anonymous said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest................................................................

Anonymous said...

What's up with the instructions on the back of the oddity? Are you supposed to be able to display it somehow, like the old Collector's Choice mini-bobbing heads inserts?

AdamE said...

It has a flap on the back that you fold out (like a picture frame) so that it can stand up.