Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winner, Winner McDonalds Dinner??

This is an update to my Gauntlet Has Been Thrown post.

I was the winner by default. Not really default more like leading a game in the 7th when the rain stops the game. See he has to "dress up" for work at times when we have customers visit and such while I don't. I can hide away in my warehouse and not be seen. In the end he made a good run at it but he only had so many Cardinals polos to wear. I be real honest if I would have had to dress up as many times as he did he would have won long ago.

What did I win? Our standard $5. So looks like the only dinner I can buy is from McDonalds. that is untill the end of the season. See that is where our better record bet comes into play that I talked him into. I've won that one a few times now. Hopefully it will turn into a double or nothing on who goes farther into the playoffs.

Go Sox!!

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