Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now with words

Since someone didn't have anything to say about the original post with no words and i am too lazy and unimaginate to scan cards and write a new post, here are some comments I should have made.

Doesn't Trot look like a bad ass in this card. Is he still playing??
When I got my tax return back I had planned on buying a riding lawnmower.

Because of this card I'm still pushing for at least another year.

Why did Topps kill Bowman Heritage? I always liked it better than Topps Heritage. They still had other designs to steal...

This is the first card of him I found listed as DH

The manager cards this year had killer backs to them. My vote for best back design off all time.
Posting because I'm still looking for that 05 All Time Fan Favorite #69 Lonborg.

I need more Pesky cards...

This is the worst Bowman design of all time.
Dude looks like he should be in old fasion black and white prison garb.

My dog ate my homework and got hold of this card.

I hate SP cards!! Thank You Slette!!
Pretty cool back for a 09 card..

Derek Jeter says: "Wade has his eyes on some chicken."


Slette said...

No prob. Need any 09 A&G?

The Mojo Hand said...


I have that Boggs in a blue mini. Want it?


Collective Troll said...

I love your riding lawn mower card! I have cards that could have been a new lap top, or a TV or groceries... If I blew all my money on drugs or hookers I would be a bad guy. I blow all of my money on cards and then blog about it, ha!