Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More blog time

Extra words few pictures in this post just to spite others and make up for the other way around yesterday.

I have been horrible about posting lately. That may change for the next week though. Why you may ask? Well, as the soccer association president this weekend I played in an alumni soccer game. I was the oldest guy on the field with quite a players 15 or more years younger and college players to boot. I didn't even plan on playing but they needed one more player and I couldn't say no. I get suckered in every year and it is the only time I play all year. So now basically if I get up out of the recliner for the next week for anything at all it will be to amputate my legs.
In Red Sox news we finally cut ties with Lugo. We will still have the huge salary to pay but at least he won't be taking up a spot on the bench.

Isn't this the ugliest card you have ever seen. Somehow his right side of his face got caved in (left side of the card.) This thing is worse than some of those 09 Goudey monstrosities. He looks like on of the guys from the Fat Albert cartoon. Anyone know what that guys name was on the cartoon?

If I had any photoshop skills at all I would out a Red Sox uniform on Halladay, post it, and dream. Instead I'll just dream Halladay, Beckett, Lester... Wow!!!

If I were in Theo's shoes I would be working on a Mark Teahen trade. He can play either corner, 2nd, and the outfield corners. That would provide some much needed Lowell and Drew insurance. (on top of that he was a real nice guy when I talked to him at a game last year)

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