Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Excuse Post

Multiple choice just in case anyone was wondering why I haven't been blogging lately...

a. coaching t-ball
b. nagging wife
c. gone fishing
d. nobody reads my crap anyway
e. ninjas
f. all of the above

answers below

Here are some scans of cards I got in a trade a while ago. I started a post scanned the cards then forgot about it. The cards came from a Dodger fan either GCRL or Night Owl just don't remember which and I don't have enough ambition to go through e-mails to figure out which one it was. Heck I barely have enough ambition to post. Anyway, enjoy.

I hate black bordered cards but this was my favorite black set until 09 Topps WM came along.
I know this got voted the wood set by Night Owl but to me 87 is the real wood set.

Those were the days.

The answer is f all of the above
a. Coaching T-Ball - Yes I did coach t-ball. The West Plains Red Sox went undefeated by the way.
b. Nagging Wife - My wife hates all this baseball card including and mostly this blog.
c. Gone Fishing - I live 30 mins from Mammoth Springs AK, a great trout fishing spot. I'm there almost every weekend.
d. No Readers - So I have 2 readers Punk Rock and Night Owl. 2 is pretty close to zero.
e. Ninjas - This one probably threw a few people. My 4 year old takes karate 2 days a week. They are called little ninjas
f. All of the above - See it is all of them.


PunkRockPaint said...

As for "D. Nobody reads..."

I like the pictures. :)

night owl said...

Hey, I still read. Long enough to know those cards weren't from me. Must've been gcrl.

AdamE said...

PunkRockPaint - You only read for the pictures. That makes me feel like Hugh Hefner, minus the mansion and bevy of beautiful women.

Night Owl - I'm glad someone still reads the words.

Anonymous said...

Make that three readers...

AdamE said...

I would like to thank all 3 of my loyal readers.