Monday, July 13, 2009


I know I’m a little late posting this but it isn’t often I get a chance to post something about boxing. I just wish it was something good that I could post about. Actually lately it isn’t often I post much of anything. (It has been a busy summer that I will get to in a later post, maybe)

(1991 Kayo)
It was a sad day to learn about the passing of Arturo Thunder Gatti. Gatti was one of the few fighters in the 10 years that guaranteed a great fight every time. He was known for his iron jaw, will to win, and swelling/bleeding face. If you never saw Gatti-Rodriguez, Gatti-Ruelas, Gatti-Robinson I & II, or his three epic fights with Mickey Ward you missed most of the best fights from the last decade. He was in the “fight of the year” 4 times.

(1996 Ringside)
Rest in Peace Arturo, you were the best showman in boxing of my lifetime.

(1991 Kayo)

On another sad note boxing lost a Hall of Famer in Alexis Arguello. His fights with Aaron Pryor are shown on Classic from time to time and are defiantly worth a watch.

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