Monday, December 17, 2018

Trip to the card shop - AZ Sports Cards

There are a bunch of card shops in the Phoenix area.  A couple are mostly gaming cards, one is seasonal, and one only has new stuff.  My favorite by far is the one that is nowhere close to me.  It's called AZ Sports Cards and is on the turn off to the Dodgers/White Sox spring training facilities way on the west side.  (I'm live on the east)  I rarely get over there, however when I do I always find some good vintage cards to pick up. (Last time I got a bunch of 39 Goudey, this trip was good but not that good)  

So when I pulled up to AZ Sports Cards it was getting late and the guy was actually in the process of locking the door.  He had pulled one of those big metal grate/gate things about halfway closed but when he saw my truck pull into the lot he shoved it back open and waved me in.  I apologized for keeping him open late and he said that it was Murphy's Law I showed up.  He had just decided that it was too long since he had a customer that he would go home early.  

Anyway, his displays are filled with almost all new stuff.  But sprinkled here and there are groups of vintage cards but even more importantly there boxes marked vintage in there that you have to ask to see.  He pulled out about four of those double wide boxes and I started searching.  The first box didn't produce much.  One measly card in not so great shape.  

First off these images are all wonky.  For some reason they all show as washed out.  None of these cards are like that.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to scan cards again.  I used to have this scanner that I could put 15 cards on at a time and scan them all as one and then it would break them into 15 separate images.  It was pretty sweet for the blog.  I don't have that printer/scanner anymore so I'm playing with the best way to scan cards.  I think I just have a bad setting because nothing else has scanned this crappy yet.  We'll see in the next few days if my scanning gets better or worse.

Back to cards...

I know nothing about Lenny Green.  The cartoon on the back of his card says he was the Sally League batting champ in 1956.  I've never heard of the Sally League either.  I think, like me, Topps didn't know much about him and was stretching to come up with something and Sally League was it.

Box one was not so great.  Box two however was a goldmine. (at least for me)

I had a whole row of 1961 and 1962 Post.  Jackpot!

All of the Post were in really good shape except this Gieger.  You can't tell from looking at it but when I took it out of the top loader to scan it all the color is peeling off the cardboard backing.  I have never seen another ball card of any type do this.  Doesn't matter to me.  Once it goes in my binder I won't notice again.

 After all these 1962 Posts I am down to only needing Yaz,  Looks like $10 will buy them all day on eBay.  So I'll wait till I find one for $5.  There is on on COMC for $5 right now.  I'm going to pass on it.  Normally with vintage cards condition doesn't matter much to me but this one looks like someone chewed it off the box rather than cut it. 

This is the lone 1961 Post I needed even though there were more 1961s in the box than 62s.  That's just how the search goes sometimes.  I did find some 61s for another blogger maybe you will see them on his blog one day in the future.

While I searched those two boxes the store owner/employee pulled all the Red Sox out of the other 2 boxes.  He pulled a whole bunch of stuff out but I only needed one measly card, this 65 Mejias.  Rarely do I find cards anymore that are only $1. I'm to that point where just about all the regular Topps cards I need from 52-73 are high numbers so the prices are a little higher.  I'll find a card of someone like Osinski and think "why do they want $12 for this guy" only to flip it over and go "ahhh, he's #594". That didn't happen this time though.  Old Roman here just cost me a single buck and I'll take high number vintage Sox for a buck any time.


Brett Alan said...

"Sally League" was a nickname for the South Atlantic League.

Mark Hoyle said...

Nice batch of Post cards. Just a few months ago I finished the Topps run of Redsox 51-present