Monday, December 10, 2018

Lost in the Draft Folder - Cardboard Collection Group Break??

So, I got like 40 hits on my White Whale post.  That isn't too bad after taking off a couple years.  (Strangely enough my most read post is was the one right before the Whale post.  The 2015 post with the picture of a Topps car sticker.  It has THOUSANDS of hits.  

Anyway, I found a draft in my Blogger from 2013.  Only someone that has taken a few years off of blogging can find a 5 year old draft.  I had saved a title "Cardboard Collection Group Break" and had two scans, no other info.  So evidently 5+ years ago I was part of a group break and I got at least these two cards.  Seems and odd thing to get from a break in 2013.  Maybe I got skunked and this was a conciliation package?  

John Valentin is an often forgotten valuable part of the team in the 90s.  He hit at or around .300 for almost half a decade yet is almost totally forgotten.  Topps didn't forget him though.  Here is a nice Stadium Club action shot, sort of.  It really a Chrome version of Stadium Club.  


Also in my draft folder was this currently underrated Topps Laser card.  I remember when Laser came out, they were crazy expensive per pack.  Even the commons were sought after.  That crazy expensive back then was probably only like $5 but they still seemed glaringly overpriced considering they are pretty darn ugly. Now they are in dime boxes wherever dime boxes are found.

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Mark Hoyle said...

Surprised to see you pop up on the time line.