Friday, December 21, 2018

That feeling of old cardboard

Don't you just love the feeling of really old cards?  I'm talking all the stuff through the mid 50s.  They are so much thicker and sturdier than all other cards.  Plus old cards are just cool.  Not just mojo cards like this 1950 Bowman Ted Williams but all of them.  

1950 Bowman Ted Williams

(more scanner shenanigans) 

It isn't in the best shape with it's round corners, crease, and some color loss but it is still a 1950 Ted Williams!

The card back uses one of Williams' lesser known nicknames.  Everyone has heard him called "The Splendid Splinter", "The Kid", and "Teddy Ballgame" but you don't see him called "The Thumper" much.  

1936 Goudey Bernie Friberg

Look, someone chewed the gum right off of Bernie's card.

1936 Goudey John Welch

I got this John Welch from the same seller on eBay.  I buy cards from this guy all the time.  Well not all the time but at least a couple time a year.  Usually everything he sells is in pretty bad shape.  This one looks really good, until you turn it over.

1936 Goudey

Whoever the kid was that had this card back in 1936 was on top of it.  Welch played for the Red Sox from 1932-1936.  He only played 9 games for the Sox in 36 before being released and then picked up by Pirates where he appeared in relief 9 times which concluded his playing career. So whoever did the writing on this card probably did it during that short 9 game window.  

1940 Playball Harry Hooper

Harry here has seen better days too.  It looks like a dog got his card, took a bite, and decided to spit it out.  You can see what looks like teeth marks running the length of the card.  But my binder won't care about those teeth marks one bit.

1933 Goudey Rick Ferrell

 This card has definitely seen better days, not to mention some liquid.  Even tough it has a stain from liquid on it it feels just as sturdy as all the other old cardboard.  Pour some water on  a new card and see how it holds up.  I bet it doesn't last another 85 years like this one has.

1934 Goudey Bill Werber

 This was the last 1936 Goudey I needed for the team set.  Except for T205 this is my oldest complete team set.  They seem to be cheaper than most other old cardboard.  For one there is no Williams you have to shell out major cash for and all the regular cards have that picture of Gehrig in mime makeup.  A yankee mime.  I can't believe I even bought them.


Mark Hoyle said...

I agree vintage cardboard feels a little different

Brett Alan said...

Yeah, vintage is always nice. Ted was "The Thumper" in Terry Cashman's classic "Willie, Mickey, & The Duke (Talkin' Baseball)" so that's good enough for me!

night owl said...

I've mentioned this on my blog, but Ted Williams is my dad's favorite player and he always referred to him as "The Thumper," never by those other nicknames, which I feel are inferior. "Splendid Splinter" is just clunky.

Nick said...

Well-loved vintage is the best vintage!