Sunday, December 16, 2018

It's Dynamite!

Anyone else remember Dynamite magazine?  You should it was publised from 1974-1992 and was the biggest seller all time for Scholastic.  Even if you were not a kid during this time period you kid probably brought them home.  I found this one from April 1979 in an ebay auction and had to have it.  Now why would I want an almost 40 year old kids magazine?  Maybe, for the Superman poster advertised on the front?  Nope, some kid must have put that on his wall in 1979 because it's missing. Though it does still have a poster of Lynn-Holly Johnson as a skater in it.  You probably won't recognize her for her skating. 

But you might recognize her for this. 

This article inside reminds me of old times.  It tells you how to send a note with a rubber band.  Yeah you could use it to shot some paper to a friend with it but like the article says there is a better way.  You stretch it out write directly on the rubber band and then shoot it over to your friend.  The words just look like some squiggly lines until your buddy stretched it out.  That is the way we used to do it when I was a kid.  Now 10 a  year-old just send a text. 

I actually did learn something from this magazine.  Check out the last sentence of the rubber band article.  Now I'm going to have to bring home a bunch of rubber bands from work and try it out.

It does have some colorful comics in it but this isn't a comics blog.  You here for the same reason I bought the magazine, cards.

That would be a 4 card sheet of 1979 Topps Team Cards including one Bill Virdon.  (there are also Twins and Pirates on the other side of the staples)  I wonder when the last time a kid brought home a magazine from school with cards in it was.  I don' think they even do the Sports Illustrated for kids anymore. 


Mark Hoyle said...

I got this mag as a kid. Still have a handful of the card panels. Dating back to 74+75

CaptKirk42 said...

Dynamite (and Bananas for older kids) were the Bomb back in the 1970s/80s. Not sure how many of my mags survived. Some of them I went through and clipped out the articles I wanted to save and then trashed the rest of the magazine. I did that several years before recycling hit my area otherwise I would have tossed them in recycling. Most of the posters I took out and had on my walls some I saved over the years others got damaged beyond saving years ago. Any cards in issues I foolishly cut out. Some of those cards are still in my collection, some are not.

Brett Alan said...

Loved Dynamite and Bananas back in the day. I didn't get that issue as I was in Junior High by the.n, but it think I got some '73 Topps from it once, and of course I had the great parody cards of '74 Topps with names like Ben Dover and Bruce Easley. "Here is all the boring stuff that some kids like to memorize." Classic.

Pretty sure SI For Kids still has cards each month.