Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vintage HOF Giveaway Final

I'm going to the Red Sox game Saturday in Arlington.  Hopefully Mr Ryan has something figured out by then.  So the contest final will be about the game Saturday.  The four finalists need only to answer the following questions.  The person who answers the most correct wins the 1940 Playball Bobby Doerr.

1. Winning Team?
2. How many home runs hit?
3. How many autos will I get before/during the game?
2. Winning Pitcher?
3. What section am I going to sit in?

Tie Breaker = Total runs

For bonus points....  What time do they open the gates for BP?

Good Luck


Anonymous said...

1: Sox
2: none
3: Delcarmen
2 (again): 2
3 (again): section 15
total runs: 7

Anonymous said...

gate time for BP? 2-hrs before game time

Don said...

1: Rangers
2: 3 Homers
3: 4 autos
4: CJ Wilson
5: Section 15
6: Total runs 8

BP: Gates open on the first and third base side 2 hours before game time, so it would be 5:05 local time.

Enjoy the game.

mmosley said...

1. Red Sox win
2. 3 HRs
3. Zero autos - the Sox are focused!
4. Lester gets the W
5. Section 13
6. 9 runs
7. Don already looked it up so you wouldn't have to.
8. Enjoy the Game!
9. No mention of UckyBay EntDay here!
10. Remember that All-Star game when Ted Williams met Tony Gwynn and all the stars at the mound. That was awesome!

Play at the Plate said...

Enjoy the game Adam. I hope the map I sent helped out some!

Don said...

Glad to see that I can't properly read a schedule of probable starters @

Where is the facepalm gif?