Thursday, August 26, 2010

From his Card Shop to my mailbox

I got a great package from It's like having my own Card Shop a few weeks ago.  I sent him a big box of Diamondbacks and he sent me some great stuff.

First we have an auto of Matt Cooper.  Honestly I don't remember anything about Scott Cooper.  But it is a Sox auto that I didn't have so it has happily found a new home.

Future Red Sox SS Jose Iglesias.  This guy is supposed to be absolutely amazing in the field and should be a mainstay in the clubhouse within a few years.  We haven't had a good track record with shortstops since Nomar so hopefully Jose works out.  (actually Scotaro has done good this year, will have to see if he keeps it up the rest of this year and next)

I only had one other Wakefield relic before this.  I'm surprised that there not more of them out there.  He has been in the league for years and although he is not popular outside Boston everyone still knows exactly who he is.  For the first time I am doubting that Wake is resigned in the offseason.  I'm gonna miss him.  (but not his performance this year, I won't miss that)

This is my favorite card of the package.  It is a auto Night Owl Bad Ass Club member George Scott.   This and a Greats of the Game Tiant base card is what instigated our trade to begin with.  I like getting autos of former Red Sox star players. 

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dkwilson said...

Glad you are enjoying the cards! Thanks for all the D-Backs!