Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Selling off some boxing autos

I have decided to sell of some of my boxing memorabilia.  Right now I have listed Hagler and Leonard autographs and some cards. I have a bunch more that I can sell but I'm kind of on the fence about getting rid of some of it.  One thing I'm leaning towards selling is a Foreman auto.  It is an 8x10 picture from the early part of his career.  The reason I can probably part with it is the picture is from before my time.  When I think of Foreman I think bald headed smiling Foreman not 70s Foreman.  I have a Spinks that I plan to sell because I only bought it cause I thought the picture looked cool not cause I liked Spinks.  The one I am not so sure about selling is Ali.  I figure any of the autos are easily replaced, if I change my mind, but Ali is not in good health and I may not be able to afford to replace it in the future.  But it than again it has spent at least the last 5 years in a box rather than on the wall so maybe I just need to sell it. 

I'm also on the fence about some football autos.  Actually I wouldn't mind parting with any of the ones I have except for maybe a Unitas auto.  But again like Ali it has lived in a box for about 5 years so it may be time to sell.

Just don't know what to do with them yet.

If your a boxing fan and you think you might want some autos check here.

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