Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cards from Motherscratcher

As soon as I saw this card on Achiever Card Blog I wanted it.  It isn't a normal Pedroia mini or even one of those god-awful back parallels.  This is an extended mini #360 of "The Laser Show".  You could only get one of these in a Rip card.  A quick e-mail to Motherscratcher reserved the card while I scrambled to find some sort of Tribe card for him.  I was bare of Tribe hits so I made another trade to get something to send him.  Pedrioa soon arrived in my mailbox with some other stuff.

He also sent a shiny Papelbon rookie.  I'm not sure if this is a parallel or not but either way it is nice, shiny, and I didn't have it.

He also sent along some junk wax.  I'm only posting one of them here.

These are 1989 Topps Mini Leaders (I think).  Out of the 3 packs he sent I didn't get any Red Sox but check out this pack.  In 89 I would have loved to bust this one.

McGwire, Jackson, and Gwynn are definatly superstars and Buhner had a ton of fans and would have been easily traded off 20 years ago. 

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