Monday, August 9, 2010

Cards from Bud of First Day Issue: Baseball Cards & The Neverending Pursuit of....

I'm pretty sure that Bud has the longest named blog on the internet.  He makes great trades though.  I got these about two weeks ago and am just now getting around to posting them.

Kind of an odd picture to put on a card since you can't see Shil's eyes.  But I like the old time look with the game used swatch.  Much better design than most game used.

If you send me Williams cards in a trade you can be sure I am going to post them.  I now only need about 25 more of the Ted Williams Heroes cards.  I don't know how I never picked more of them up by now.

I miss Pedro. 

Once again someone comes through by sending me some Nomars.  Maybe now that he is retired people will start parting with Nomars in trades since I have got more Nomars in the mail this last month than the whole other time I have been blogging out together.

I was shocked to get this card in the mail.  A Hanley Chrome Rookie.

I really like the Black Bordered minis this year.  I'm going to chase them harder this year.  This card is actually the one that started the whole trade and probably my favorite of the package. 

Lastly here is a cool Mo Vaughn die cut card.  Thanks for the cards Bud.

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The Notorious B.U.D. said...

Glad you liked em Adam. I'll keep you in mind when I pull future Sox.