Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cards From The Middle Child

I have long been looking for a Rockies collector and finely one was found.  I sent her a box of Rockies and she sent not one but two packages of cards.  Here are some highlights.

Nomar cards.  I'm always happy to get cards of Nomar in the mail.  To be honest with you it doesn't happen allot.  It seems collectors tend to hoard his cards. 

She sent me a total of 15 Nomars that I needed. 

Along with the Nomars she sent a bunch of Mo Vaugns.  I didn't count them up but there was probably closer to 20 of them.  This is how I remember big Mo, as a hulkish monster.

These didn't scan worth a hoot. They are some of the very last Sportflix ever produced.  The scan is Canseco and Vaughn but she really sent even more than just those two.

Here is a much appreciated A&G mini.  I love getting these in the mail.  Mini cards are some of my favorites.  It is going to be a challenge to get all the 2010 minis this year this is only like my 4th one. That Boggs went straight into a box after scanning so I would not have to look at the unfortunate picture anymore.

Thanks so much for the great cards. As I get more Rockies I'll be sure to send them your way.


shelliebee said...

you're welcome! all the Nomar cards were ones I had two and three of anyway and I knew they were on your want list too! Look forward to future trades!

Anonymous said...